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CIE Market

As part of DG EMPL and JRC initiatives to promote the use of Counterfactual Impact Evaluation (CIE) for the assessment of ESF-funded interventions, CRIE is fostering the creation of a single European market for CIE across borders.

This market is aimed at facilitating the outsourcing of CIE of ESF funded interventions for the Managing Authorities (MAs) in charge of the evaluation. In particular, this aims to improve the exchange of information and requests between the MAs, on the demand side, and the researcher and evaluators (universities, private and public institutions), on the supply side, who are available across Europe to perform CIEs.
With this perspective CRIE proposes to collect and to publish on this website both:
  1. the Terms of References (ToRs) of the evaluations foreseen  from the MAs from all the Member States;
  2. a list of researchers and evaluators from all Member States that propose their expertise to support the MAs. The potential evaluators are invited to provide CRIE with information regarding their experience in the field on CIE, by filling in the online questionnaire: Evaluators will receive a notification each time a ToR is published;
  3. a list of evaluators along with some reference proving their experience in conducting CIE analysis from some Member States is available here.
The ToRs will have to be preferably written in English. If written in the national language, a short summary in English will have to be annexed to the ToR. A template is available here.
The information regarding evaluators will have to be written in English. 
This page will serve as a portal for calls about CIE studies on ESF interventions in the EU. Contractors still would need to apply to the proper MA's website.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.