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Community of Practice on Counterfactual Impact Evaluation

DG Employment Social Affairs and Inclusion (EMPL) in collaboration with the Centre for Research on Impact Evaluation (CRIE) have launched the initiative: "Community of Practice on Counterfactual Impact Evaluation (CoP-CIE)". The aim of the CoP-CIE is to foster the collaboration between DG EMPL, CRIE, the ESF Managing Authorities (MAs) and other stakeholders to conduct CIEs of ESF funded interventions by sharing experiences, knowledge and promoting joint activities.
The 2017 Spring Meeting of the CoP-CIE will be held in Riga, Latvia on June 8-9, 2017.
We will kindly be hosted by the Managing Authority, the Evaluation Unit of the Ministry of Finance of Latvia.
The purpose of this event is to foster the collaboration between DG EMPL, CRIE, ESF Managing Authorities and other stakeholders, creating an appropriate environment for sharing experience and knowledge on the impact evaluation of ESF funded policy interventions. The proposed agenda builds on the previous activities and draws on the feedback received from Managing Authorities following the last Community of Practice meeting.
The agenda will include:
  • Session on 'Combining CIE with other methods': presentations followed by a roundtable discussion;
  • 'Meet your expert' session: opportunity for Managing Authorities to discuss their planned or ongoing CIEs with CRIE members and academics;
  • additional sessions presenting the work on CIE by Managing Authorities devoted to: 2018 YEI evaluation and 2017 Data Fitness Initiative for CIE.
  • The meeting will conclude with a training session on practical applications of CIE methods in ESF evaluation. The participants in the training session will have an opportunity of five optional conference calls with CRIE experts to discuss their planned/ ongoing work linked to that.

We would very much welcome your engagement and active participation in that event. Please fill in the questionnaire to participate in the 2017 Spring Meeting and share your experience in CIE with us and the other members of the CoP-CIE!

The 2017 Autumn CoP-CIE Meeting will take place in November, further details will follow.
Past activities:
For 2016 CRIE organised the following interactive activities:
  • Two-day workshop held in June 2016 in Ispra, DG JRC.
  • Web platform dedicated to CIE on Yammer.

Follow us on Yammer (sign up required) to get the most recent updates. There you can post questions and participate in open discussions by joining different groups (CoP-CIE, Data Fitness initiative, Learning on CIE, etc).